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Someone there?

I mean… not one
of the passed?

I haven’t used
my voice in a while.

Uh…am I talkin’ loud?

I am.

Maybe, sir or madam,
you are not there,

but it is something to hear
your voice after a bit.

Just saying words.



Potable. Hmm.

If you are there,
you can come out.

We can sit. Split a can
of Pecos strawberries.

Have a little…badinage,
my mama used to say.

That’s just a fancy word
for chat.

It’s been…

I don’t know…

maybe a year.

I had a place
where I was before.

I had a good metric ton
of popcorn.

I’ve still got a lot.

I could make some.

I just read books.

I watched movies mostly.

But I read–
I read books now.

I got a few with me…

if you have a need
for reading material.


since there is
no one there…

hmm… before I…

go quiet again
for maybe another year…

I might as well
tell you that I–

I did talk to someone.

She wasn’t just someone.

She came to my door.
Just showed up.

I let her stay.

And we fell…

We had feelings
for each other.

One day we allowed it.

One day.

I just thought I’d say that.

‘Cause I supposed
I would see it when I said it.

And I did.

And that was nice.

There ain’t been
a lot of nice.

So…what’s your story?

Sync & corrections by Alice

If you’re gonna
hit me with your stick,

don’t open the door.

Well, you know…
if you’re gonna try.

Looks like
you’ve settled in…

out here.

I thought maybe we could
continue our acquaintance.

“Here” and “there”
are just labels.

It’s all one place.

You could do all this
somewhere else.

Or… well…

in the same place…

somewhere else.

Come on.

The reason we fought is ’cause
you wanted to protect people.

You care about people.

You should be with them.

It’s me.

Come back to the Kingdom.

You helped me.
You did.

Let me help you.

I don’t want
to tell you what to do.

But you know who I am…

and I know who you are.

You belong with people
who care about you.

Come on, Morgan!

You can hide…
but you can’t run.

Look, I wouldn’t be here
if it wasn’t for you.

I wouldn’t.

I was hurt.

You brought me in.

You didn’t have to.

Morgan, you don’t have a
gunshot in your side, but…

you are hurt.

Come back with me.

Don’t wait this time.

one more second.

You’re alive.

You’re part of the world.

Look, I’m here now–

a lot of people
are here now–

because you helped me.

Right at the beginning.

That’s not me anymore, Rick.

It is.

You’ll end up with people
one way or another.

You’re connected.

It’ll be a shout
from outside that door.

Me askin’ for help…


You’re a part
of the world already.

You’ll find your way
back to it,

’cause it will find its way
back to you, so just…

come back.

Well, like I said,

you can hide…
but you can’t run.

Thanks for lettin’ me in.

You don’t have
to be out here….

I came for you before.

Don’t wait this time.
Don’t waste one more second.

You’re alive.

Thanks for lettin’ me in.

You can hide…
but you can’t run.

You know what it is.

You know what it is.

Take that shit home.

– Take it back!
– I’m just trying to help.

Looked like
you were on your own.

We’re always on our own.

Shut the door.

I just thought I’d say that.

And I supposed…

I would see it
when I said it.

So what’s your story?

I’m just passin’ through.

Well, why don’t you
come on and sit a spell?

I don’t know how much
you heard, but I–

It’s been a while
since I talked to someone.

I’m John.

John Dorie, like the fish.
But I-E, no Y.

– Morgan.
– Morgan.

Are you hungry, Morgan?

‘Cause I could cook
you something.

I got beans and I got beans.

No, thank you.


It’s tasty.


Where you from?

Back east.

– You walk?
– I ran.


In your travels,
did you, uh…

come across a woman

carrying a pistol like this?

Identical, in point of fact.

I’ve been looking for her…
for some time.

Not seen anybody like that.

I’m gonna go.

Wait– Hey, there–
there’s no sense

in settin’ out
this time of night.

Why don’t you take
the back of the truck?

I’ll take the cab.

Or vice versa.

I think having
a covered place

to lay your head
would give you some relief.

Having come as far
as you have.



Whatever you’re
thinkin’, don’t.

This looks handy.

You some kind
of karate man?

I’m just passin’ through.

Keep the food.

Give me back the rest,
and I’ll be on my way.

Afraid you ain’t exactly
in a position to bargain.

We just can’t have you
telling folks

about our little
mousetrap here.

I got nobody to tell.

I don’t know anybody here.

Don’t wanna know anybody.

I got
no beef with you gentlemen.

I’m just lookin’ out
for my friend.

We have friends, too.

I’d like to take
this opportunity

to apologize
for shootin’ your gun.

Karate man…
and a gunslinger.

How about that?

Now, that’s an antique.

Only one other one like it.

So I’d appreciate it
if you’d–

Thought you didn’t
drive at night, Al.

Was parked nearby.
Heard a shot.

Wanted to see
what was what.

So what’s what?

He said
he was on his own.

His friend
damn near shot my hand off.

New people.
I like new people.

Just keep driving, Al.
We’re good here.

You don’t look good.
You look hungry.

I got a case…
Cup-O-Noodles in the back.

Korean brand.

It’s got that kimchi powder
you mix up on top.

– Not enough, Al.
– I’ll throw in a case of Pall Malls.

I know how you love
your Pall Malls.

You got your hand
on the lever?

Why in the hell you actin’
like we have a choice?

There’s always
a choice, Leland.

This just happens
to be an easy one.

Hey, thanks for givin’ us
a hand back there.

– Al, is it?
– Althea, actually.

There’s a candy for you.

Thank you.

Leland and his boys
have gotten pretty desperate.

Seems like every store,
kitchen, and pantry

from here to Tyler is picked
over down to the studs.

I’m guessin’
from your vehicle

that you are or were
an officer of the law?

Not exactly.

I’d like to get out
of here, please.

Anywhere along here
is fine.

Sorry, guys.

Didn’t rescue you out of
the goodness of my heart.

You guys owe me.

Uh, I don’t mean
to be ungrateful, ma’am,

but my truck’s parked
in that town back there?

All right.
Who wants to go first?


– You’re quick.
– I am.

Well, easy there, cowboy.

I didn’t save you so I could kill you.

I just want to ask you
a few questions.

– Questions?
– Yeah.

What you’ve seen.
Who you’ve met.

Where you’ve been.
Where you’re going.

– Why?
– It’s for a story.

I’m a journalist.

You were alone
at the cabin.

– Yeah.
– Before Lauren showed up?


– Right. Sorry.
– Nope. Nobody.

I talked to myself a lot.
But I had to quit.


Because I started enjoying
that conversation too much.

What else can you
tell me about Laura?

In case we ever cross paths.

she enjoyed a Black Jack.

– Card player.
– Taffy.

Licorice. I never much cared
for ’em before.

And now?

I don’t mind ’em.

You think
you’ll find her?

I know I will.

How exactly
did you get split up?

Um, I’m afraid that’s
not a very happy story.

– Most aren’t nowadays.
– Ours will be.

This one will be. Once we find
our way back to each other.

Was that…?

Great. Thank you.


How about you?

How long you been
on the road?

What does it matter?
These questions–

There’s no news stations left.

I saved you.

Noodles and effort.

You owe me.


I don’t need that.

I need your story.

What brought you out here?

You goin’ somewhere?

– Getting away from something–
– I didn’t ask you to save me.

I’m gonna go.
Or are you saying I can’t?

Hold up.

Hold up, friend.

Hey, you’ve been held
at gunpoint with somebody,

I think you earned the right
to call him friend.

I don’t want to answer
any more questions.

I just want to be left be.

Well, I just want
to give you something.

OK? Clean socks.

Worth their weight
in gold.

‘Course, gold
ain’t worth much nowadays.

I seen the pair you was
wearing ’round the campfire.

I think it’s time
for an upgrade.


Apologies about the corn.

Especially since
they’re for your feet.

You sure you’re gonna be all
right out there on your own?

This world…
we’re always on our own.

Wait. Wait.

Morning, Al.



I wouldn’t do that.

Yeah, you’re not so tough
without the lever. Huh?

This doesn’t
have to be hard, Al.

We just want the truck.

Why don’t you
give us the keys?



Let’s go.


I ain’t gonna ask twice, now.






– Are you OK?
– Go.

– Go!
– Get to your van.

Keys don’t work, sweetheart.

‘Cause they go
to my footlocker, asshole.

Ahh. Aaaah!


– Aaah! Ohhh!
– Get up.

Hand over the keys.

You don’t look so hot.

– The keys!
– Al!

Get down!



Oh, my–

Everybody in one piece?


Boy, I tell you what.

That is some ugly mustard.

Gets the job done.

Thanks for the assist.

That guy–

that was a unique kind
of asshole.

But I did not want
to kill anybody today.

– Anyone know what that 51 means?
– Markers like that

had been popping up around
here the last few weeks,

but never anyone around
to ask but the dead.

The dead?
I call ’em the passed.

Call ’em walkers
where I’m from.

Look at that.
A piece of personal history.

You still owe me.

Then pull over.

Your name?

Morgan Jones.

Where do you come from?

Atlanta and, um…

then Virginia.

How’d you
get here?

I ran.

Then I walked,

walked again.

Were you part
of a settlement in Virginia?

A couple.

Can you tell me about them?

One of them
was called Alexandria,

and then
there was a place…

called the Kingdom.

Actually had–
had a king.

A king?

Even had a pet tiger.

All right, we’re gonna
have to sidebar that one.

These settlements, were
they good places to live?

They were safe places.

Good people inside.

I had been with some
of them for a while.


What happened?

There was a fight.

With another group.
It was a big, big group.

We won.

But you didn’t stay.

I already left…
before I left.

I don’t understand.

Did they do something?

Or did you?

I told you things,
and that was the trade.

You told me you were
with good people

in Virginia,
and then you left.

Why? Were you trying
to get something?

Get away from something?

How about
you tell me about you?

Like, um,
how’d you get this van?

And why
asking total strangers

questions like this
is so important to you.


– Look, I saved your ass.
– And we saved yours.

Well… I want to thank
you both for your help.

But I think it’s time
that I was going on my way.

– What about your leg?
– No, I’m fine.

– Morgan.
– Man, I told you I’m fine.

Tell me one real thing,
then we’ll call it even.

Why’d you leave Virginia?

I lose people
and then I lose myself.

Anybody there?


You were wrong…

what you said before…
about bein’ on your own.


There you go.

Thank you.


That walker–
I need to know.

All right. Hey, hey!
All right. Wait, wait.

Wait. All right.
Give it to me.

Come on.

All right.

Thank you.


I’m glad

we found you.

I’m just travelin’ with you
till this leg heals up.

And no more questions.

I’m not gonna stop
asking you questions.

Especially about that tiger.

No more answers, then.

Fair play.

Come on.

It’s tasty.

Where we headed?

Well, Al took me back
to my truck,

but it wouldn’t start.

Now she’s taking me
to look for Laura.

In exchange for more
of his story.

That’s right.

That’s right.

I don’t know
if I’ll find her.

I don’t.

I just don’t think
about it that far

’cause it don’t do me
no good.

But I recognize it
as truth.

Truth is something
you can’t get around.

No, you can’t.

– There’s somebody up ahead.
– What?

Oh, come on.

Thought you said there weren’t a
lot of people ’round these parts.

There aren’t.

– Take this.
– Can’t.

I don’t kill.

Come on, dude,
you gotta answer

some of my questions
at some point.

I don’t kill either.
At least I try not to.

Great moment for both of
you to share this fact.

Are you injured?

– She all right?
– Can you bring the first aid kit?

What happened?

There are–
There are bad people.

– There are bad people…here.
– Where?

Drop it.

Hey, hey!

Drop it!
Drop it!

– Drop it.
– OK, OK.

Drop it!

So what the hell’s
your story?

Sync & corrections by Alice
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