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is anime Japanese one of a kind corresponding to Japanese does TV japan have subtitles do films have inscriptions does foundation Funimation have Arabic inscriptions how might you get subtitles on Carpinus Netflix most ordinary anime Japanese words what’s the importance here in japan what is anime to japan anime districts Arabic subtitles is anime capons identical to commonplace Japanese.

File: Ms. Marvel – 1×03 –

A teenager at AvengerCon.


Your power comes from you.

The bracelet only freed him.

This bracelet belonged to my mother,


– What happened to Sana’s mother?
– She disappeared.

What happened
to our great-grandmother, Aisha?

Where did you hear this name?

Should I turn off the light
or are you afraid of the Djinn?

I’m no longer a kid.

You are taken!

In the Caltech program.

But that’s in California…

The other supernatural catastrophe,

is that she was saved
by a cardboard Captain Marvel.

The altered tried to kill you.

She didn’t want to kill me, she saved me.

Help !

A colored girl from Jersey City
can’t save the world.

It’s Night Light!

Search every temple,
every neighborhood house, every mosque.

– Get on!
– Kamran?

I wanted to meet you
for a very long time.

I present to you my mother.


Fariha, Saleem.
I found it.

The bracelet.

He’s on a severed arm,
that’s not reassuring.

You heard the man from the temple.

We need both.

I want to see him.

Where is the other?

Surely the British
have already looted this place.

We’ll settle for just one.

Go, find Aadam.

Najma is the British army.
Hurry up.

Aisha, we don’t know her powers.

They’re going to set it on fire!

If this bracelet
can take us home,

you must try.

You saw ?

Aisha, they must not take it.

Go over there.
I will see the others.

– Everything will be alright.
– I will find you again.

I promise.

We haven’t left each other since.

And your great-grandmother, Aisha,

we never saw her again.

How did you know her?

Were you together at school?

Not really.

Aisha was from another dimension.

U.S. too.


We didn’t choose to come here.

We were banned.

We were about to find our world,

but we were separated.

We looked for her.

But after the partition,

we thought she was lost,

like many others.

Pop corn !

Ignore him.

We’ve been here for a century

and he’s only interested
in the dumbest stuff.


Speaking of which, y’all are

super well preserved,
for people who knew the 40s.


Not all.

He is 17 years old.

I am relieved.

You’re right.

She is adorable.

I did not say that.

Even though I think so.

– Shame !
– You’re the one putting me to shame.


It’s a little too noisy here.

Did you offer him food?
She may be hungry.

I wanted to thank you
for saving me.

We protect Aisha’s family,
that’s normal.

We didn’t know she had any relatives.

But you put on the bracelet
and we felt the Noor.

It means “light”, right?

Noor Girl?
It’s not terrible.

The Noor is also in us.

It slows down aging.

But its full potential eludes us,
in this dimension.

You may be able to access it.

And Kamran?
He wasn’t born here?

This bracelet helps you release the Noor.

Maybe one day
he will too.

Horrible things have happened to me
since I got this bracelet.

I dropped a child,
I was chased by drones.

I feel
like nothing good will come of it.

Of course yes.

The bracelet and its visions

led you to me

and up to yours.

Outside, people take you
for a child who dresses up.

I know
that you have inherited an immense gift.

You want my bracelet?

Aisha wished

that we find our world.

you have to finish

what she started.

And where is your world?

What are you ?

Without wanting to offend you.
What are we?

In our dimension,

that of the Noor,

we are the Clandestines.

But we are also called

the Ajnabi, the Majnoon, the Invisibles…

And many other names.

But we are more commonly called
the Djinn.

Did you say “jinn”?


I had a crazy night.

You can’t tell me “I’m alive”
and disappear for 8 hours.

The police were asking
about Night Light.

Was it police drones?

Besides, we forget “Night Light”.

What ?

It sucks, as a name.
It’s childish.


I am a Jinn.


I know what I am.

I am neither an Asgardian nor an alien.

It’s anything but cool.

I am the thing
that haunted my nightmares.

There are ghosts and there are Djinns.

The Djinn are worse.
They exist.

Where do you get all this from?

A bunch of Djinns saved me from the drones
last night.

They call themselves the Clandestines.

And Kamran is one of them.

I told you he was suspicious.

They are nice.

They told me about the bracelet,
about my powers

and my great-grandmother.

It was instructive.

They need me,
so I need you.

I suspected it.


Why not ?

I don’t see how
I could help ghosts

and their moderately handsome son.

I need more info.

I will tell you absolutely everything.

But before that,

you are good at math.

Do you know anything about
interdimensional travel?

Especially towards the Noor dimension?


I read an article about it.
By Dr. Erik Selvig.


Read it again.
I have errands to run for the mehndi.

Hold on…

You make the buzz.

What ?

A problem, ma’am?

Madam Officer.

From the Damage Control service.

We have been informed
that an unidentified altered

operates in this mosque.

Who operates?

In this mosque?

No, that would surprise me.

But if you know
someone who can fly, tell me.

The gutters
need cleaning.

Search the premises.

You do not have the right.

You don’t have legal permission.

Sorry ?

Nakia Bahadir, board member.

We haven’t finished counting the votes!

Future board member.
But I am confident.

The law states that law enforcement

cannot enter a private place
without a warrant.

Did you learn the penal code at school?

In front of New York, judicial police.

This is a very serious matter.

It is in your interest to cooperate.

Is it serious because she is altered
or because she is Muslim?

Come back with a warrant.

Madam Officer?

The next time,

take off your shoes.

Is it dance rehearsals?

With practice,
you’ll get to my level.

– Shut up, I’m fabulous.
– I believe in you.

Are you okay, cutie?

Everything is fine.

You are very convincing.

I have something to tell you.

It’s her.

– What ?
– Night Light.

It sucks, as a name.


Damage Control,

a federal agency,
came to the mosque.

They were convinced
that we were protecting her.

We are already targeted enough.

She doesn’t realize it.
Or she doesn’t care.

Damage Control?

– What did they want?
– I do not know.

They wanted us to denounce her.

As if the good Muslims
had to police the bad Muslims.

It spoiled the announcement
of the results of the votes.


The board…

I integrated

the board.

You won ?


– Girl.
– Dude.


Let’s get ready for the mehndi.

Are all these people from your family?

We are Pakistani.

We are many.

I see it.

Aunt Shirin,
thank you for coming so far.


it’s nothing,
28 hours of flight and four stopovers,

to find friends.

You are more than a friend, believe me.


I’m sorry that Sana is not coming.

It must be hard
not to share this moment with his mother.

I’m not surprised.

She missed my wedding.
Why would she be at my son’s?

Me I’m here.

Maybe it’s better
that she’s not here.

She won’t make a fuss.

Mother-daughter relationships
are always complicated.

Above all, don’t worry your mother.

Me ?

– No way.
– She is very wise.

A real little angel.

Very funny.


you have to hide

a pair of shoes,

not all my shoes.

– It’s not funny.
– But if.

Are you okay, Sheikh Abdullah?

It seems that the FBI accused you
of being the madman of the minaret.

Agents from Damage Control
came to snoop around the masjid.

It’s nothing.

What did they know about her?

The same as us.

What color is it

and surely Muslim.

They didn’t seem to like it.

This girl is a source of problems.
His mother must be ashamed.

Bruno passed.

He had to go to work

but he left you this box.

The party is over there.

What are you doing here, all alone?

Do you agree with the others?

On our new hidden neighbor.

And you?

I thought it was cool
that a superheroine was fighting for us.

But maybe she’s making things worse.

The boy who almost fell
would say otherwise.

How she can convince people

that she wants

do good ?


is not innate, Kamala.

It goes through actions.

Have a good evening.

You missed one hell of a party.

Are you doing well ?

Do you know how to keep a secret?

Muneeba forbids me to eat it.

It’s stronger than me.

I love this taste…


I can not resist.

I won’t say anything, Mr. Khan.

It’s for the general knowledge course.

The Djinns?

Let me see.

No, I’m fine.

It’s in Urdu.

I can help you.

Let me help you.

Let’s see…

“Supernatural beings
dating back to pre-Islamic folklore,

the Djinn had different names,

according to times and cultures.

Some considered
them geniuses.


like demons.

Legend has
it that several clandestine Djinn

have been banished from their world

and condemned to live in ours.

They walk in the shadows,

looking for the key

who will take them home.

But to open this ancient portal,

it takes immense power.”


I do not know.

Goodbye Bruno.

Good evening, Mr. Khan.

I modeled the energy
and I did a simulation.

What’s wrong with your knee?

You see, when you get a drone,
a truck

and what does it hurt?

Do you remember the article?

In fact, it is possible.

One can travel through dimensions,

but it requires an equivalent energy

to that of the sun.

The thing is, theory
always minimizes the margin of error.

With the energy of the sun,
the margin of error must be enormous.

Do it again,
but as if you had a social life.

Go ahead.

If you help them get home,

it might be boom.

“Maybe” ?


We can succeed.

We can succeed.

I received the bracelet for a reason.


I can’t be a superhero.

I do not know.

Maybe that’s my mission.

Do good.

I was taken to Caltech.

What ?

That’s great.
I didn’t know you had the answer.

I got it.

I’ve got to go.

But I can’t until you’re…

As long as you’re in danger.

Why didn’t you tell me before?

You were busy.

If you want to help them,

I’ll help you.

I’ll do some research,
we’ll find a solution.

But the,

right away,

I don’t see how to get there.

Carol Danvers wouldn’t wait.

It would make a hole in space-time.

That would be acting without thinking.

Luckily, you’re not like her.

What happened ?

I fell off my bike.

Sit down.

We will take care of you.


Have you ever felt
like everything was against you?

What you’ve always dreamed
of is coming true,

but it’s not at all what
you imagined.

Yes, it happened to me.

For me, it was America.

your father and me,

we dreamed of coming here.

When we arrived, it was very hard.

He worked a lot
and earned almost nothing.

Aamir was very small.

I didn’t speak English well.

I had never felt so alone.

What did you do ?

I found the mosque.

I found Aunt Ruby, Humaira…

I found mine

and I let them love me.

Kamala, listen to me carefully.

Whatever you face,

you don’t have to do it alone.

It’s gonna be okay, it’s gonna be okay…

Come on, give me a smile.

You know why ?

Because Aamir is getting married.

Who would have believed it ?

Who would have believed it ?

I want to help you,

but it could be dangerous.

I need time.

Enjoy the wedding.

We’ll find a solution.


Here, beta.


How ?

It’s all my savings.


And 49 cents.

I didn’t think you would have that much.

Don’t worry.

Soon you will have a job.


Man has only one important choice to make
in life.

live in fear

or in love.

The one who chooses love


the junoon.


He chooses

the faith,


You wear a shalwar kameez
every day when you go out.

You go

present yourself
before God and all your family

to marry the love of your life.

You are brave, my son.

Because you chose family.

A man who chooses the family

is never alone.

I had never seen two people
have so much confidence in their love

than in themselves.

Are you taking Aamir Khan as your husband?


Are you taking Aamir Khan as your husband?


Are you taking Aamir Khan as your husband?

This, yes !

Are you taking Tyesha Hillman as your wife?

I feel like it.

Are you taking Tyesha Hillman as your wife?


Are you taking Tyesha Hillman as your wife?


You are now husband and wife.

Mom, have you seen my phone?

You were planning to hide it from me.

I was going to tell you.
She needs time.

But time is running out.

It can be dangerous, apparently.

Of course it’s dangerous.

Hold on…

You knew it ?

And you asked him anyway?

We will never be at home here.

We’re going to force it.

I’m tired of asking nicely.

What’s the point of doing that?

This is so that each argument
strengthens the couple.

– It’s effective ?
– Who knows ?

Anyway, it’s very funny.

The aunts got their hands on Bruno.

We have a surprise for the bride and groom.

Must go.

On track.

She will fall.

We are Brown Jovi.

We also do

Eid, Diwali, bar mitzvahs,

the Sweet Sixteens

and quinceañeras.

Brown Jovi does it all.

We’re going to slow down.

Do you want to Dance ?

I can talk to you ?

In private.

You are in danger and your family too.

– I came to warn you.
– What ?

I thought I could reason with them, but…

You are in danger.
You all are.

They arrive.

They were super nice.
I will talk to them.

You can’t.
They will kill you all.

You must go.

You should go.

Leave us, Brian.

It does not concern you.

My mother always gets her way.

My whole family is there.

I tried to call you.

You are all going to die.

I make a diversion.

How ?

It’s a bit simple, isn’t it?

The good old classic.

We get everyone out.

Go ahead.

There is fire. You must leave.

I take the money.

Quick, Aamir!

Don’t do that, mom…

Don’t oppose me.

Hurry up.
The hallway is almost empty.

Sir ?


Get out, right away!

No, without me.

Can we talk ?


You are very beautiful.

You too.

Kamala triggered the alarm.

I saw it.

Whatever, you’re blind.

He even had his license revoked.

I saw it.

No need to resist.

The bracelet has a destiny
greater than yours.

Don’t be selfish, Kamala.

Bruno, where is Kamala?

Everything is fine ?
They won’t let us in.

What’s going on ?

Help us get home

and it will be over.

Leave him.

How are you ?

Get Brian out.

He does it on purpose, it’s not possible.

Where are you going ?

You are stuck.

You had to protect me.

I do not protect those who betray me.

It was what,

this thing ?

I’m sorry.

It was you ?

It was you and you didn’t tell me?

Kamala, go away.

– They’re looking for you.
– Hold on.

Hold on !

Nakia will stay with me.

Go away.

You forgot that.

I’ll explain everything to you, I promise.

What happened ?

I’ll tell you.

– How are you ?
– Not too.

Kamala, there you are.

Where have you been?

Did you trigger the alarm?

Who are these people ?
They were arrested.

Can you tell us what happened?


tell us the truth.

You are our daughter.

We want to help you.

But we can’t
if you don’t tell us.

I can not.

Hello, Nani.

Can I call you back?

Come to Karachi.

What ?

Ammi will never want.

She must come too.

Can I call you back tomorrow?

You saw it ?

What ?

Have you seen the train?

How do you know ?

I too have seen it.

It is necessary that you come.

Come to Karachi.




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