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Ms. Wonder Episode 3 Subtitles – English SRT
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File: Peaky Blinders – 6×06 – Lock and



There will be a war,

and one of you will die.

Be well aware
that the death of your loved ones

is entirely your fault.

Since the death of my mother,

we didn’t speak anymore.

Looking forward to working with you again, Michael.

This opium is the best in the world.

Why sell?

The Irish are difficult,
the Italians, niet.

You in America?

In Canada to get paid.

you are very lucky

to have what I tasted only once.

Your daughter has tuberculosis.

Dead, Tommy. She is dead.

A lost daughter, a found son.

It’s my son. We call him Duke.

It’s a tuberculoma.
No operation possible.

– How long ?
– 18 months.

My associates will take care
of Thomas Shelby.

You are going to deliver his brother to us.

What is Michael’s plan
for me?

And if you lie to me, I will know.

I intend to kill Tommy Shelby.


All because of
one man’s ambitions.

I will get revenge on Tommy Shelby.

Want a drink?

Or take your shot?

I want to see my wife first.

When you’ve jumped it,

you’ll have a man to kill.

The smoke from Ruby’s funeral
still permeates your clothes,

and you sleep with another.

And not just anyone.

The enemy.

All our enemies
personified in one woman.

There are things that…

You don’t lie so well anymore.

The truth clouds your eyes.

I have to go to Canada.

– Where are you going?
– You see ?

You resigned yourself.

You don’t argue anymore.

You are indeed cursed.

Doomed to ever accept the limits

others impose themselves.

to always remain outside.

Your curse will never be lifted.

I’m going away, Lizzie.

After I left, there…

Always absent, always gone.

Your alliance is also gone.

She is elsewhere.

My suitcases are already downstairs.

Let me say goodbye to Ruby.

I have to go away, Charlie.

Look at me.

Look at me.

Mom told me she was leaving.

She told me why.

Mom, where are you going?

In the hotel.

Until your father
finds me a home.


I am coming with you.

I prefer to live with you.

Wherever it is.

You are not my mother.

But he has nothing of a father.

He is never there.

I would find myself alone.

Charles, treasure…

Your father will never want to.

You can leave.

Go ahead, son.

I know a nice house, Lizzie.
I will arrange it.

And him, take him, Charlie.

There are stables there.

He will eventually obey you.

He will forget about Ruby.

That’s how horses are.

Are you going to stay here alone?

I bought some land, Lizzie. Full.

Including a house
that I wanted to raze,

but you can live there.


Where will you go ?

The Peaky Blinders Armory.

We have very good relations
with the BSA factory in Armory Road.

Twenty machine guns,

five submachine guns,

BSA sniper rifles,

three boxes of grenades.

To do what ?

For contingencies
like this.

When they come after us,
the family sticks together.

You get to join the family, Tommy said.

You will not be a simple soldier.

You will be general.

One of these days.

So I have some questions for you.

Have you ever shot?

By rifle.

At the gun. A .22.

Have you already killed?


Pheasants, partridges. Deer.

Arthur says that when he settled
scores at the betting shop,

you ran away.

It wasn’t legit.

A soldier doesn’t have to judge.

He does what it takes.

I did what had to be done.

On a regular basis.

I killed a man.

Tommy is always right.

We were outside Bridgnorth Hospital.

My mother was dying.

And the caregiver

refused to admit it,
as she was Romani

and that she was uninsured.

She didn’t spend the night.

It either.

There is one last thing
we should know.

Do you know how to keep a secret?

I know everything, bro.

I know everything.


I stole your keys.

A tuberculoma.

In the brain.

Yes. It gives me time
to do what I have to do.

Kiss my ass.

It doesn’t need to be known.

Well then !
You never need anything, huh?

No, I don’t need anything. You’re welcome.

How long
have we been dead? You and me ?

I will finally have the certificate!

Wherever I land,
I’ll wait for you there with a drink.


After escaping so many bullets…

It’s comical, Arthur.

It’s comical, basically.

Don’t start crying.

I don’t cry.

Once everyone is free from need,
I will leave. Only.

I refuse that people,

whether or not they
carried me in their hearts,

see me crawling

or lose the ball.

It would be cruel for me
as for them.

When they learn the truth,

I will have disappeared.

And Lizzie?

I have some papers for you to sign
on behalf of the company.

Did you tell Lizzie?

I work
with the Minister of Housing.

I will award ten million
construction contracts.

You didn’t tell Lizzie.

I will attribute some to companies
where we have shares.

Fuck you with your contracts!

The Shelby Company Limited
will continue to make money.

But above all, it is a good work.

Housing construction…

– Intended for workers.
– Happy for you.

To build a fairer future.

And before that,

I will go to Canada.

Make me pay.
Five million pounds!

Five million, just that?

that I will distribute

to the entire Shelby family.

It will be my legacy.

I will be gone,
but my money will remain.

To most of my relatives,
I am nothing else!

Money on legs, that’s all.

Is that what you believe?

Get up.

You heard me.

Get up.


Get up, damn it!

Arise, soldier!

Get up. Come on, stand up, I said!

Nope !

Stopped !

You hear me ? Stopped !

That’s enough !

You are aware.

But you keep it to yourself

until I leave.

Until you leave.

In good time,

I’ll call you.

I’ll tell you where.
Find a trailer.

I don’t care about your trailer!

You will light the flame.

Take Charlie and Curly.
Nobody else.

Stuff your mouth.

Collect the gold from the ashes.

Kiss my ass !

You and your bullshit plans!

I let you win that day.


You suck, John!

Fuck you two!


Come here. Come here.

– Show me your eyes.
– I’m not taking anything.

The dragon flew away.

It’s thanks to you, damn it!

How are you ?

Go on.

A sort of…

I’m not dead yet.

Come on, come on!

We have work.

Come over here !

You wanted to see Billy too?
I had to close the store.

Yes, even Billy.

Sit down, Billy.

Thank you for inviting me, Mr. Shelby.

Happy to see you again.

Not for me. Mary said:

Not before 6 p.m.

He makes his father say
that it suits him.


Shut the door, Duke.

We are all together.

And those

who know the truth

will use discretion.

Excuse me, Mr. Shelby.
I still don’t speak the dialect.

Finn, him,

never wanted to learn it.

I heard “tachipen”.

“The truth.”

You spoke truth.

The truth.

The truth is that I gathered

trusted men,

because I’m going away.

I’m gonna go get paid for
a shipment

who left Liverpool ten days ago.

Get paid by who?

By the Irish of South Boston.

Alcohol traffickers.

Are you going alone?

Johnny Dogs has already boarded
for Canada.

Michael will be there.

He is family.

He will guarantee my safety.

In my absence,
I have a job for you.

You will go to Arrow House.

I’m going to move


To empty the house,
you need people you trust.

There is cash, valuables,

information about influential people
who are worth more than gold.

There are also bodies
that need to be dug up

before the earth is turned over.

Isiah, you will lead the operation.

At Arrowhouse,

there is a wine cellar
full of bottles

more precious
than a human life.

Do not hesitate to serve yourself.

It will be like a farewell party.

Ready for the party?

I know the truth.


That damn truth again.

Which truth ?

Take spades and crates.
Bring the bones to Mr. Patches.

He will burn them in his furnace.

Understood ?

Good. Questions ?

If it’s a party,
can we bring girls?

No, Billy.

There will be everything you need.

When’s the party, Tom?

Mr Shelby.

Next Sunday.

So, the coming Sunday?


While you break yourself digging,

I’ll be here sipping champagne
with my wife.

It’s our wedding anniversary.

I see.


by the way.

So explain to…

– How again?
– Mary.

– Mary?
– Yes.

Really ?

Explain to Mary

that you are a Shelby.

It’s engraved on the back of your watch.


You see ?

That means
you own the watch.

Not the opposite.

It’s 6 a.m. when you decided.

So drink a whisky.

Happy birthday, guys!

A drink, baby?


Do you drink fleet like Tommy?

I need to keep my head straight.

Let it ring.


It’s good.

I have to go.

Good news, Michael.


It was our clue

in Birmingham.

The men of the Shelby clan
will all be together on Sunday.

Except Arthur,
who will have dinner with his wife at the Garrison.

The Shelby’s table
is by the window, right?

They’re all for the Shelbys.

Yes, but…

Our men can
drive past

and shoot Arthur through the window?


We have already discussed it.
There is no choice.

This matter is between Tommy and me.


And when you kill Tommy,

Arthur will want your skin.

He must die, too.

If Arthur is in the pub, he will be burned.

Or even worse.

At least he won’t feel anything.

Who will kill him?

Tommy works
with a faction of the IRA.

Connor has connections.

They made a deal.

A service rendered
in exchange for firearms.

But Michael,

as long as the killers are there…

Tommy has a son.

He’s a kid.

He will grow.

Neither the women nor the children are killed.

The informant mentioned a new one. Duke.

Do you want a bloodbath ?

I know.

This illegitimate son is no threat.
I have decided so.

Arthur, that’s all.

Michael, baby.

Everything is already agreed.

We all want the same thing.

How many men have they killed
with a shot or a blade?

This is how Tommy
ascended the throne.

And in three days

this is how you
will ascend the throne.

Deep down,
Tommy and Arthur long to die.

Next Sunday…

we will only make their wish come true.

Oswald was retained.
He asked me to replace him.

In reality, this is false.

I had Oswald retained
and decided on my own to represent him.

What did you want from him?

I’m going to table
my housing bill.

I need a list

of all the landowners
ruined because of gambling, drugs

or any other defect.

I will offer to buy land from them

in treasury bills.

Why don’t we fuck here,

on these benches?

Right away.

We wouldn’t be the first.

It seems that your wife left you.

Over the past few months,
I’ve asked associates

to rob

your friends
to steal their papers:

letters, invoices, account statements.

Doesn’t it affect you?

Here is a list of all
major landowners

threatened with seizure.

To answer your question,


The departure of my wife does not affect me.

And if you want to fuck, let’s fuck.

But you’re gonna have to come here.

I don’t fuck on a conservative bench.

Mr Shelby.

I was going to send it to you,
but I preferred to give it to you

in person.

It’s an invitation to our wedding.

It will be held in Berlin.

We are going to get married
in the presence of the Führer himself.

Did you have fun?

We made paper airplanes.

I am sorry.

I will be in Canada for business.

What a pity.


there was another reason

when I come.

I wanted to let you know that
when Diana and I are married,

the slightest look

towards my wife

will sign your death warrant.

Come on, Diana.

So think about it.

Soon, rickety institutions
like this will be swept away.

They will be
just a distant memory.

Good flight.


Take it easy with this package.

If you see a pothole,

bypass it.

Mr. Shelby told me you were coming.

We’re here to do some gardening.

We wonder
what will become of the house.

According to Tommy, your greatest quality,
after your cakes,

it’s your discretion.

Everyone go away
until Monday.

Let’s go find those bottles of wine
more precious than a life!

Only one room is occupied.

The others are free
if you want to wait up there.

Our friend will arrive before dark.

There was a thunderstorm last night.

The tail of a hurricane.

The boats don’t come out.

He comes by plane, not by boat.

So he died. The wind was…

God robbed you of your mission, Mickey.

My name is not Mickey,
your stupid God does not exist,

and Tommy will come.


There will be a war,

and one of you will die.

But which one, I don’t know.

You are brave, Mr. Shelby.

What the fuck did you do?

Dead, Tommy.

She is dead.

Whoever did this to you will pay, Ruby.

A tuberculoma.

An operation cannot be considered.

– How long ?
– Maybe 18 months.

I will change.
Change for good.

Is that what you call “good”?

Kill, and kill…

What is happening ?

What is this mess ?
Is this the party?

We were expecting you.

– And the bottles?
– In the kitchen.

They are all in the kitchen.


If God has given a man
riches, possessions

and honors,
here he comes up and says, “No!”

Everything is bad,
everything is bad and sick!

Where is Jeremiah?

From the sky, he looks at us.


God teaches us that blood
is his gift to man…

Why don’t you light up?

There’s more juice at Tommy Shelby.

What ? What happened ?

– Where are the girls ?
– What’s the point

in a cursed barrack?

Enough to ?

What are you talking about ?

Whore !

We can do whatever we want here.
The shack is doomed.

I’m not thirsty.

We’re gonna dig up those bodies.

– Billy?
– Yes.

You have to wait until
they are all buried first.

What are you drooling?

I’m a Shelby!

Me too.

Here it is.

Step back, you’re overshadowing me.

The bomb will explode in 30 minutes,
at 4:20 p.m. sharp.

It’s clear ?

I’m taking care of it.

It’s between Tommy and me.

It’s up to me.

I am coming with you.

Don’t slam the doors.


Too bad you don’t have
the guts to take him down.

My mother was a Romani.
She read the future.

She always said
Tommy wouldn’t die from a bullet.

Hey, kids.

Go fishing near the bridge.

There are big fish.

Go on !

Take the gun, Finn.

Arthur says if you don’t,

you’re kicked out of the family.

Where are you talking about family?
You are not family.

You’re the offspring of a fat whore.

Take this gun and shoot it.

Take it.

Now that you’ve got the gun,
use it against those motherfuckers.

Charlie Strong warned me:

“Before handing him the gun,
empty the first two rooms.”

Holy Uncle Charlie.

You’re no longer part
of the Shelby family.

By order of the fucking
Peaky Blinders.

I will find you again.

I swear to you that I will find you.


…those dogs that rule
Garrison Lane.

When Jesus came out
wearing the crown of thorns

and the purple robe,
Pilate said, “Behold the man!

“Here is the man !”

He wasn’t one of the Peaky Blinders,

sitting in his car,
with his whore…


Let him drop his weapon.

Tell him!

Let him empty it.

How are you, Charlie?

Everything is fine.

Come on, let’s move on.

Out. I don’t want to screw up my pub.

Would you shoot us
like dogs?

I don’t kill the clebs.
Than the fascists.

Come on.

Shit !

Lord !

reveal us

who you chose to save!

No, children!

Come back !

I already told you
not to wander off at night.

Do not touch.

Emily, come on!

Emily, come here!

Or you’ll be dealing with the Peaky Blinders.


We are going to waltz the memory
of the battle of Passchendaele.

Shit !



Her name was Elizabeth Gray.

It was my Aunt Polly.

My Aunt Polly.

To the Lord, the reveng…

No, not at Small Heath.

Rest in peace, Polly.

Leave us, Uncle Charlie.

We are still in France.

Its good.

I saw him emerge from the fog.

So, this flight?

It’s the future, it seems.
I have doubts.

A whiskey.

Hello Michael.


Show us the stock of opium.

You will then be issued
a bank draft for the full amount.

Five million.

Five million.

Let’s go.

I ride with Tommy.

Follow us.

And shit!

My fags.


It is done.

It’s finish.

Forgive me, Lord.


Where are you ?

I moved the tocante,
like you said.

I did well, huh?

Farewell, Michael.

Goodbye Johnny.

You are a nice guy.

I’ll go

watch the fog.

I’m listening to you.

Go on talk.

– You killed her.
“Polly was making her choices.


None of your relatives

do not decide anything without your approval.

Nor Arthur,

nor me,

nor Ada.

We cannot escape your grasp.

Your hand still hugs our shoulder.

Polly was half of me.

She still visits me in her dreams.

She won’t come anymore.

I have no limits.

I smell roast Irish.

Oh yes, hello.

I smell tobacco too,

which I forbid everyone in my presence
except my new wife, Edna.

The Irish having been reduced to smoke,

half of Boston is mine.

Out of respect for my newfound authority,

turn off this cigarette.

Hello, Alfie.

A nice marriage, it seems.

Yes, it’s true. Thanks.

Edna comes from a circus background.

After the ketubah,
the exchange of wedding rings, the breaking of glass,

we left on the back of an elephant.

It was nothing.

They closed Camden High Street.

Even the goyim
who can’t please me

waved their handkerchiefs.

The sword of justice.

Good riddance !

Since the time…

Look at him, this little jerk,

which rises to the sky, there, in front of us,
under our amazed eyes,

because I can still see with one eye.

The eye of the dead to whom life appears

as if through a
quivering curtain of truth.

And I see that your nephew is ascending to heaven
and will be forgiven.

unlike you,

who, on the day of judgment,

will probably have it in the baba.

Otherwise it’s going ?

You know what, Alfie?

There are so many types,

so many times,

who worked so hard
to kill me,

when I’m about to die.

– We’re all going to die.
– Nope.

Nor a bullet.

Nor a bomb.
Nor a stab wound.

– What ? The hot piss?
– Nope.

It’s not even that noble.

Wait, I’m about to give you
half of Camden,

and you, you tell me

what are you going to slam in your bed?

Not in my bed. Who do this ?

Good people die in their beds.

Good people?

Good people.

Yet here we are,

after all this time, you and me.

I overstepped the bounds.





if you’re about to express
deep feelings,

it in front of someone who doesn’t give a fuck,

or at least who gets paid
to act like he doesn’t care.

A nurse

or a priest, for example.

As for death,

from the height of my long experience
in the matter,

I highly recommend her.

Well, Alfie,

your opera is finished.

If we were going to attend the last act?

When you want.

Its good.

Thank you all for being there.

The least we can say is that…

I am one of the few politicians
to keep my promises.

A domain


to make way
for worker housing.

Transformed with laudable intentions

and 700 kg of dynamite.

I’m back where we left off.

Among the horses, the caravans,

vagabonds and thieves.

Sit down, Frances.

I would like to raise a toast,

a simple toast,

to the family.

To the family !


it shelters us from the storm,

sometimes it is she, the storm.

I planned to be away.

After I leave…


in this family,

you are the born politician,
not me.

Do not forget it.

If a siege becomes available
in this sordid town,

introduce yourself.

“Where’s Arthur?”
– He walks

at the river.

He doesn’t like goodbyes.

He preferred to go fishing.

He wanted me to tell you:

“Where you are going, Tommy,
I will meet you.


“I kiss you.”

How does he know where you’re going?

Watch him, Linda.

Love it.


watch over your mother.

Tell him I’m sorry.
OK ?

I want you to be the…

How long are you leaving?

Thanks, Curly.

Tom, for the mare…

Shut up, Curly.

Is she hitched?

Tell me where are you going now.

You’re gonna have to carry the bucket on your own.

You always consulted me…

Not this time, little sister.

What ?

Where are you going ?




dull winter…

Polly sent you?

Polly sent you?

Or am I already dead?


You are not dead.

You’re not even sick.

But yes, my dear.

I am sick.

Like you before.

No, not even true.

I know it. You must live.

You let the fire go out.

Light the fire, get warm.

You will then see

that you have to live.



You’re not even sick, dad.

Damn gypsies.

Did you drive out the gypsies?

I went to see,
but the trailer was empty.

Set it on fire.

Well sir.

Have you filled it up?

Did you fill up, I said?

So, this wedding in Berlin?

With Hitler as a witness!

You have been my doctor for three years,

but I didn’t know you were
so well introduced.

And your colleague in Saint-Thomas,

to whom you sent me
for a second opinion:

bridesmaid !

Well introduced, too.

On your knees, Holford.

You all said to yourself

that the only person

able to kill Tommy Shelby,

it was Tommy Shelby.

You told me
I was doomed

and let my nature take its course.

You may not have a tuberculoma,

but you are sick.

I know you.

Your disease
is guilt,

it is death that you have sown,

it is who you have been.

You are no longer a man
to kill in cold blood.


you rose

the slums to the antechamber of power.

You will not go back.

You are no longer the same.

This weapon has no more to do there.

I came back though.

From underground.

Close your eyes.

Close your eyes.

The 11th hour.

The armistice.

Finally peace.

Finally peace.

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