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File: The Umbrella Academy – 3×10 –


We never do that again.

– Narrow escape from the apocalypse?
– It’s our thing.

There is something really twisted.

– It’s the same sequence, in reverse.
– Exact.

– Looks like Alice in Wonderland.
– And you haven’t seen anything yet.

Finally, the other side.

“Where’s Klaus?”
“I’m sorry, but your brother…

I did my best,
but it did not pass.

The Kugelblitz has made its last victim.

He was right behind me
when I entered.

We have to go back there.

We will have time to cry later.

Let’s keep moving forward.

Luther and Klaus?

When we talk about reality,

what do we really mean?

The great minds of the 19th century

thought we lived
in a mechanical cosmos.

In the quantum era,

some suspect
that spacetime is a hologram.

The ancients believed we were
on the backs of four flying turtles

or on the horns of a white bison.

These ideas raise a question:

will we ever know
the true form of reality?

Or does it have another form
than the one given to it?

– We feel very small.
– Who puts pineapple on a pizza?

When you think about it,

we are fair

tiny grains of sand

in a desert full of sand…

It goes in cocktails, at best.

…inside solar systems

in galaxy deserts!

Why is it on my pizza?

“Klaus, are you listening to me?
– Yes yes.

We’re insignificant,
blah, blah, blah.

Sorry, I’m not a serious first-year philosophy student .

Wait a bit.

– Where are we, here?
– We’re dead.

We are dead.

Welcome to my neighborhood.

That’s wonderful.

You should have stayed here, it’s better.

We barely survived the last time.

But I’m here, and we’re outnumbered.

This thing was strong, fast and pissed off.

Don’t ring the bell.

Unless you want to lose a finger.

I try.

– Nope !
– Get out of here.

To beat it,
you need the right mindset.

You mean I’m angry?
Yes indeed.

I want to kill what killed Luther.

Luther is not the only one to have died.

We lost Klaus too.

I’m angry too.
We all are.

– But we have to be smart.
– When the time comes, we will act.

The doors are closed, Five.

Are we stuck here?

This place is both
a test, a trap and our salvation.

– Does anyone understand?
– It means: “Don’t ring the bell.”

We understand.

Do not ring.

What do we do ?

Somebody knows ?



I’m hungry.
Anyone want some eel maki?

Do you eat at a time like this?

Are you acting stupid
at a time like this?

Let her go.

– It’s for…
– Gain strength.

In this difficult time.

Diego, come on for a second.

I am dead ?

Yes, and I’m glad to be here
for your first time.

It’s weird.

It’s like waking up
from a super lucid dream.

But don’t worry,
everything will clear up very quickly.

It’s not true.
Dad killed me.

Me too ! Many times.

– He comes from somewhere else!
“We avoid saying these things.

I will be politically correct

but you could just
say he’s English.

No, it’s an alien!

Like an insect-man
from another planet!

Klaus, you need to go back there
to warn Sloane and the others.

I don’t want to go back there anymore.

– Sorry ?
– I’m in my place.

All my life,
I’ve been a loser, a monster.

I chained the errors,

but it was a sign.

A sign that I was here at home.

– I’m in my place.
“In that shitty place?

But no, I’m talking about the ethereal world.

With you and all our ghost friends.

And what do I do?

You eat pizza and
watch documentaries with me forever!

– Are you turning your back on our family?
– Don’t worry too much.

They will eventually join us.
Everyone dies, right?

We are dead.

Like this dance!

Like this dance!

What if I do this?

Nice try, big guy,
but there’s no pain in the Void.

Go ahead, let go!

I accept the challenge.

You were going to throw that at them!

but maybe we should tell them.


I want to finish the mission
before you throw a party.

– Imagine that…
– Will you pass me the soy sauce?

I do not get it.

We are with the people
who love us the most.

Why not tell them?

Everything sucks there.

It would be nice to give the family
a reason to fight.

Eat your fish.

It’s like the old man said.

Once is chance,
twice is coincidence,

and it won’t happen three times,
because I’m not stupid.

We’re not sure he killed them.

Are you serious ? This is his modus operandi.
We have already seen that.

Have you forgotten how we met?

– At his funeral.
– So.

He’s done it before and he’s doing it again.

Stop it, Five.

He lost the vote
to take the tunnel, but we’re here.

Do you think he can?

I think he can kill us all

without the slightest scruple.

Worse still,
I believe Allison is involved.

I hate talking small talk.

We don’t care about clichés, you’re in mourning.

I know it’s the end

but I thought we’d be together
when she arrived.

I couldn’t say goodbye to him.

I could say goodbye

to my daughter and my husband.

But that wasn’t enough. These feelings…

are too hard to express.

Luther loved you…

to the moon.

You made him so happy.

“She was with Sloane in the tunnel.
– I’m not talking about Klaus.


“No, she would never do that.
“She’s completely messed up.

“She lost her daughter.
“And she killed Harlan.

Even if you’re right

they won’t confess anything if asked.

I agree.

Stopped. Listen to me.

I refuse to go back there
to be bullied.

You can’t do anything about it!

You are so selfish!
You know ?

Relax ! Do not worry.

You have plenty of time to recover!

Now that’s enough.


Whore !

I had to die a million times
before I understood.

Still ?

Yes again.

This is someone’s paradise, isn’t it?

– What…
– Hello, you.

– You !
– Nope !

Come back here!

That tickles !

Let go of me !


I can’t hurt you

but I can throw you into walls
for eternity.

You will never be at peace.
I will never stop.

The Void is my home.

It may be a bouncy castle,
but it’s mine!

You don’t want to help the family, okay.

But the love of my life is going through hell.

I don’t even know if I can.
We don’t know where they are.

– Klaus, this is your place.
– Yes.

You just said it.

“You are the king of death.
– Add a little more.

I consider myself more like…

the prince of darkness.

If you want !

I believe in you.

You are capable of anything.

Sorry for the encrustation.

Okay that’s good.
We will do it.

We will try.

FYI, motivation level,
on a scale of one to Braveheart,

it was a half Rudy.

– We’ll discuss it again later.
– You can do better.

Damn it.

We need to talk.

– I’m busy. It can wait ?
– Nope.

You killed Luther and Klaus?

A guard prowls in this hotel.

We must overcome it to succeed.

What would I gain by killing two teammates?

– Answer.
– I just did it.

If you’re kidding me, there’s no market.

I assure you
that I will honor my commitments.

I expect the same from you.

– What was that ?
– It’s none of your business.

Sorry ?
We’re at the Oblivion Hotel,

as you wanted, thanks to me.

Don’t be ridiculous.

Allison killed Harlan
and I reunited the families.

What did you do ?

Get together.

Now that we’ve caught our breath,
the real work can begin.

– The myth of the seven bells?
– Some are following.

– We find the bells, then what?
– Nope.

The bells are just a metaphor.

– Seal.
– Right, Number Five.

The seal is the key to the seven bells.
When we find it,

we can restore the universe.

– What should we do with it?
– I do not know.

Sorry ?
We’re here because you had a plan.

Until a certain point.

Great. We’ll stay
in this hotel forever,

staring at the walls and eating sushi.

The Seal is our only way out
and our chance to restore the universe.

Again, you’re hooked.

– What do we begin with ?
– Separate into groups.

I’ll go with Allison and Sloane.

– Ben and Five with Viktor.
– We want Allison.

Ben versus Allison. We trained
together, it makes more sense.

No thanks.

Why not ?

Excellent idea.

Allison, with the Umbrellas.
The Sparrows together.

Each group has its floor.
Let’s find that seal.

And U.S ?

You are a duo.
Nobody wants to listen to you.

Separate. Do not neglect anything.
We’ll meet here in 30 minutes.

It’s a waste of time.

Did you hear that? We are a duo.

I’m starting to like your dad.

I forgot my diary.
I’ll meet you on the 5th.

Someone went out of their way
to hide this thing.

Is it supposed to be big?

Our dear Reg didn’t tell us.

It is surprising. I thought
you would know more about his plan.

What are you implying?

I saw you
in the white buffalo suite

during the marriage.

– I don’t know if it’s time…
– You blackout.

Yes, and it took me a while
to remember what I saw,

but I remember it.

You made a deal with dad.

What did you accept?

A deal ? With Dad ?

– You’re kidding.
– It is serious.

Answer the question.

You have lost your mind.

You make a deal and Luther is dead.

That’s the thing that killed Luther.

“And Klaus?”
– He didn’t come in.

Your deal kills people.

You really think
I made a deal with daddy

to kill Luther and Klaus?

I break.

– See you downstairs.
– Wait, no.

Hold on. Five.


Listen to me.

Viktor? Allison?

The party begins.

– Fed up with your conspiracy theories.
– Listen to me…

Why ? It was you who voted
to wait for death.

“To hell with our family and the universe”.

I fight to save both.

We need to know what dad ‘s up
to before others die.

Where is Five?

He was behind me.

Five ?

We’ll get through this, okay?
All three.

And then ?

We will be a happy family.


Is this another test where I have to prove
that I’m a good father?

– I’ve had it up to here.
– You succeed.

Hold on.

It’s not about me.

You are scared.

It was easier with Stan.

You could have pissed me off

and I wouldn’t have needed
to tell you about the baby

or ask you to stay.

Why tell the truth
when you can manipulate

without taking the risk of suffering?

It’s crazy, what you say.

What if I disappoint our baby
like my mother disappointed me?

You won’t disappoint him.

‘Cause behind all your madness,

there is someone good.

– You’re sure ?
– Yes.

At 1000%.


Is it the same elevator?

Take a good look under the plants, especially.

Shake your ass and search the walls.

Here is a wall.

Here, another wall.

You have a real problem.

People are dying
and you’re a scowl.

– Looks like dad.
“Why do you want him to love you so much?”

We don’t need him.

We left our mark without him.

With Sparrow Academy, but that’s over.

It wasn’t a Sparrow!

He was a shitty dad.
You don’t need him.

Easy to say
when you have a new family.

The one I loved just died.

I can’t believe it,
I’m glad to see you.

– A problem ?
– The hotel changes.

I turn around.
Looks like he’s alive.

– Let’s go back downstairs.
– I tried.

Wherever I go, I end up in the same place.

– You don’t have a sense of direction.
– Go ahead, Magellan.

Five ?

Five ?

– Where is he ?
– How do you want me to know?

We can’t go on like this.

I want it to go back to how it was

before these fake excuses…

And the lies?

Allison, stop.
How do we do ?

I don’t know if we can.

A problem, dad?

You !

You missed me.

There is only one access.
It’s impossible.

Well, here I am.


I would like to study this,
but now is not the time.

You used me.

To bring the family, I understand,
but you used me.

And when I serve you more,
you let me die?

Sorry ?

I did you a favor.

I knew you would find
your place in the Void.

– It’s true.
“So what are you doing here?”

– You killed Luther.
– It was necessary.

– And efficient.
“Who’s next, Dad?” Five ? Viktor?

– The whole family ?
– Stop!

They are in position.
The battle will begin.

I’m one step away from my price.
You will ruin everything!

If I had 5 cents every time
I heard that, I would have a dollar!

It’s not much,

but there are stores
where everything is a dollar…

That’s settled.

– Nobody listens to me, in fact?
– No, my darling.

Have to come back down.

Which sibling idiot
rang the bell?


We must go!

Get up ! We are leaving !

Who did that ?

– You have to go.
– I follow you.

Go on !

– Hold on.
– And then shit.

Well aimed, my heart.

Oh fuck.

– Quick !
– Press the button !

– Which floor ?
– We do not care !

Serious ? A samurai?

Revenge suits him well.

Shut up and help us kill him.

Over there. Quick.

We have to heal this wound.

You were right.
I made a deal with dad.

Luther and Klaus?

No, I didn’t know about that.
I swear.

Why are you telling me?

You have to believe me.

I did this for all of us.
For Luther and Klaus too.

What did he offer you?

Trust me.

Look, if we get through this, we’ll be fine.



– I told you to go.
“And let you die alone?” It’s dead.

And the baby?

– Let me handle it.
– I am his father.

You’re not going to wear
it for another six months.

I can’t convince you, then?

– You finally understand.
– Yes.

It’s true.

– What are you doing ?
– I protect my family.

– Don’t leave me here.
– Sorry.

– You promised that we would stay together!
– I say.

Diego, no, don’t do that.

When the baby comes,
tell him what kind of man I was.

The one I tried to be.

No, Diego.

You hit him five times.

– He should be dead.
– It’s his armor.

– There is a hole between the plates.
– You have to go behind him.

– We kill him.

Hey, asshole!

Five ?


Finally a power worth emulating.

Lilac. Why were you in a closet?

I’ll explain to you later.


– Tired of running away.
– Me too.

– It reminds me of something.
– This time, we’re not aiming.

We are leaving.


– Lilac. How did you get out?
– What happened ?

“We thought you were dead!”
– If only.

– How are you ?
– Yes I think.

– You have a dirty face.
– Try to kill a guardian.

– We just did.
– U.S. too.

I told you to stay…

I love you too much !

Klaus, I thought you were dead.

I’m alive, despite
dad’s attempts to crack my skull.

But we will cry later.

I have to warn you

that dad killed Luther.

He stopped me from entering the tunnel
and he rang that damn bell!

What’s your plan, old man?

– No time.
“You killed Luther!”

I had no choice in the
face of your obstinacy.

All your bullshit myths.

There were no bells or Vikings.
We are here to die!

It’s wrong. In this hotel
lies the key to restoring the universe.

We have to find the seal!

We don’t care about your seal!

The guard almost hit us
with his helmet and his sickle!

“The one we killed had an axe.
“Ours had a sword.

One remains.

– We have to kill him.
– It worked so well.

Anyone have painkillers?
Otherwise, close it.

Can we lower the sound?


I found the seal!
He is by…

No one touches my wife, son of a bitch.

All this time, I have remained faithful to you.

You ruined my life on the moon,
and for what?

For this bullshit mission?

You had a goal. I let you protect
the most precious thing in the universe.

Oh yes ? What ?

You will soon understand.

Like all of you.


I can’t hold on.

I will love you forever.

The seal is on the ground.
It’s the stars!

Find a star on the seal.
Stay on it!

Well, over to you! Quick !

Seven branches. We are seven.
We are the bells.

Not you.

It’s the only way to stop it!

Number Five, quick!

It was not our agreement.
You hurt them.

It’s too late.

– I can’t turn off the machine.
– What ?

The hotel is a facade. We are in
a machine in another dimension.

– The creator of the universe built it.
– What does it have to do with them?

The particles of their bodies
feed the machine.

He killed Luther.

He tried to kill Klaus.
He will kill us all.

Stop immediately !

I’m almost done.

– We’re going to get what we wanted.
– No, you kill them!

Everything has a price in life.

Stopped !

Allison, don’t touch that button.
We don’t know what he’s doing.

Allison, stop!

– Don’t make me do this!
– You trust me ?

Viktor, what are you doing?
Stop her !

– Hold on !
– Do not do that !

Clear ?

Are you okay, mom?

Yes, my baby.

I’m so happy to be home.

You are in your place.

Good evening darling.






Do you see me ?

I’m alive ?

“Luther is alive!”
– It’s not true !

That’s not all, big boy.

Shit ! My body !

Hold on.

– I am too handsome.
“Luther is quite slender.

– Sloane needs to see this.
– I have my arm.

This is so cool.
Where is Sloane?

She was behind me…

– When Allison pressed.
– She is not there.

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t
felt this good in a long time.

– Does anyone know where we are?
– In the hotel.

Finally, where he was.

The old man succeeded.
He restored the universe.

You found your fingers.


I don’t care about the universe.

I want my wife.
Where is she ?

“Glad you’re alive, but let me go.
– Answer me.

OK, I’m out.

There is a problem.

Yes, I’m going to kick your ass.

– Go ahead.
– No, asshole.

My power.
I can’t jump.

That’s it.

That’s not good.

Abracadabra ghosts.

Am I dead again?

Oh no !

Wait, how are we gonna get them back?


I have to find my wife.

Luther, don’t go!

You were dead five minutes ago.
You are delicate!

– I have to follow him.
– Wait, Klaus!

– I’m breaking up.
– You have to stay together to understand…

What are we going to do ?

Live our lives?


Train bound for Yeouido.

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